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Camps & Clinics

with The Catcher Guru
Saturday 3/12 from 9AM-Noon

SKILLS & DRILLS (hour each)


A catcher uses three Stances in each game. 

Each stance is different, and has a specific purpose based on a game situation.


The most important skill from the Ready Stance is BLOCKING the pitch in the dirt. 

The purpose is NOT to catch the ball, but to stop and control it. Then quickly get to your feet and retrieve the ball.



The most visible and measured catcher skill is THROWING to the bases. 

Catchers are graded on their PopTime to second base. Yet, the ball velocity is only half the challenge.

POPTIMIZE with The Catcher Guru
Saturday 3/19 from 10AM-Noon

The Catcher Guru, Rick Straub, returns to help prepare your catcher for their high school, travel, and/or Little League seasons!


He calls this clinic "POPTIMIZE", and it is designed to help improve your catcher's throw from home to second, the #1 measurable statistic for catchers! Coach Rick has a 100% track record, yes 100% track record, of improving the pop-time of every catcher that comes in the door, and he has the data to prove it!


Whether your catcher plays baseball or softball, has been catching for years, or is just getting started, they WILL get better during this clinic, guaranteed!


This clinic is on Saturday, March 19th, 2022, from 10AM-Noon. We have left room to extend the clinic if needed so that EVERYONE gets plenty of time and instruction to improve.


To register, click the button below, go to the camps and clinics tab on the left, and click "March Poptimize Clinic"

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