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How Facility Membership Works:

-Members receive unlimited use of batting cages, multipurpose fields, and our weight room for them and a parent/guardian, provided there are no other members waiting to use those spaces, and the spaces are not booked on an hourly basis

-Members may only reserve spaces on a walk-in basis, unless they purchase the space in advance at the normal hourly rate, in which case, standard rental policy applies

-If a member arrives, and all spaces are in-use either by instructors, paid rentals, or other members, said arriving member will be added to the member waiting list, and can either wait until the next space becomes available (30 minute intervals per member on list), or purchase a space rental to jump the line and receive the next available slot.

-When using your membership, ONLY the member and a parent/guardian may use the space. If a member is 18 years or older, they are the only person able to use the space.

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